NYUAD Plastic Recycling Research Lab
Building D2, B2 Basement (Underground Waste Management Site)
New York University Abu Dhabi
Saadiyat Island
United Arab Emirates

Director/Principal Investigator:
Khulood Alawadi (

Visit the Plastic Lab at NYU Abu Dhabi
The lab is located in the basement (B2) of NYUAD campus. To visit us you have to find your way to the East Cafeteria (also called D2 Dining Hall), following the signs. First, take the lift that is right from the entrance of the cafeteria, to the lowest level (B2 basement). You are almost there! Exiting the glass door in front of the lift you just have to take five more turns to the left. Klick onto the drawing below to see a higher resolution access map. The Plastic Lab is located at the Waste Management Site on the underground Ring Road. The entrance is hidden in the corner…

Klick on the drawing above to enlarge, or view the Campus Map (PDF).